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Jumah is a child from Uganda. She lives in a very small town of Uganda in the remote area. She was forced to study in an unsafe classroom, which had holes in the roof. It is very scary during the education in the rainy days.

She always says:

“We would study under the trees or in unsafe classrooms. Since my school had almost no desks, it prevented many of us from concentrating in class. We were exposed to too much sunshine during teaching hours, since they were held under trees and semi-permanent grass-thatched classrooms. There were no desks. There was too much dodging of lessons because of the state of the school which looked poor.” 


Intense sun, or violent rain, would disrupt lessons and make it impossible for us to learn. Let’s build a school together, build a classroom block with offices, staff rooms, a store and a library so children can learn in a safe and more productive environment.